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Daily Gym give at your disposal all the tools for you to achieve your goals with equipments maintened and qualified trainer.

  • The Second Floor is the Boxing / Muay Thai / Fonctional Training / Cardio Area

You will find Boxing bags, Pads, Boxing gloves, Kettlebelles, Trx, Box, Equalizer…

  • The Third Floor is the Weightlifting Area

You will find Bench press, Cable Row, Olympic Bar, Dumbells, Machines….

You have to respect the basic rules of common courtesy as :

-To pay in advance all transactions by cash/card

-Don’t exercise with outside Trainer or to train other customer without permission from the management

-Must wear appropriate clothes and shoes common for a gym

-Are fully responsible of your items

-To present gym member card each time entering the gym

-Smoking or bringing any foods is not allowed in the gym

-Under 15 years old have to be with an adult

-No abusive / provocative language. Respect other customers

  • Our Trainers
  • Group Class

    Monday to Friday at 6 pm to 7 pm.

    Muay Thai Classes animated by Doudou, Anthony and Andra

    70 000 rupiah


    Tuesday – Thursday at 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm

    Muay Thai Classes animated by Julien

    150 000 rupiah
  • Personal Training

    Book one of our Local Trainer or International Trainer for a private class.

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